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I Wish *I* Wrote That! …€” The Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2007

January 7th, 2008 by Chief Nut

In December 2006 I spent several weeks leading up to the New Year, in collaboration with Allen Voivod at Epiphanies, prepping a guide called Go Nuts in 2007! I was thinking about how to make another big splash this year by putting together a monster list of links to great posts and articles I’ve read throughout the year. The idea would be to save you tons of time and energy researching stuff and coming up to speed on the new ideas that have hit the Internet Marketing scene in the past 12 months.

Well, it looks like I was beaten to the punch by Tamar Weinberg in her post Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007. Not only is this a fabulous list, it only includes a couple of the posts I would have included on mine. Soooo, instead of writing my own article (which I still might get around to), I’m going to spend the next week-ish wading through Tamar’s excellent post. I recommend you do the same. THANKS TAMAR!

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  1. Presenting…*The Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007* (thanks to Tamar Weinberg!)…

    In his blog post on January 7th, good friend and social networking thought leader Kevin Skarritt flagged an all-important list for me, hubby Allen, and anyone else in the trenches of the Internet Marketing Revolution. This list is Tamar Weinberg&#8217…

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