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It’s Like a BIG Cocktail Party!!

June 5th, 2007 by Chief Nut

Ever been to a cocktail party that was WAY more energetic and lively than you expected? Did you wonder about how (or why) it got that way. Certainly a major factor is the personalities of the players in the room. The outgoing quirky types get things going … the creative ones get the direction off in tangents … even the somber spectators contribute to the mass mentality. NOW, take that party and put it on the web. Then invite hundreds of millions of your closest friends. THAT’S what social networking is all about.

Lani Voivod at Epiphanies, Inc. asked me:

“…would you please write a post explaining the differences/perks of ‘Digg, Technorati, Flickr or Twitter’”

OK, that’s a challenge …. keeping with the party metaphor, here goes;

  • (sharing blogs, articles, news stories and other great content) … Imagine a group of people in the corner talking about the latest, greatest, coolest, most significant “STUFF” they’ve seen on the web. Of course, when one person brings up a topic, you’re sure to get two or three other people to chime in “OH YEAH, I saw that! That was so friggin’ cool!”.
  • (sharing and ranking blogs) … Off in the family room, a group of musicians naturally gets together to talk shop. One person brings up a post on a blog they read last week about Dave Evans, the original singer of AC/DC. Of course, most of the others have read the same post because they’re effectively wired to their world of music bloggers. The others make a mental note to go visit that blog ’cause it sounds like a great resource … and was recommended by other music mavens.
  • (photo sharing) … Sally is one of those gregarious folks roaming around the room taking pictures of everyone. Of course she has everyone’s email stored in her camera phone so she can batch mail the good ones to everyone in the room and post them on her personal site.
  • (video sharing) … Danny is the Speilberg wanna-be in the room. He’s got tape (digital, of course) running on every wacky event he can capture at the party. SURELY, everyone will get to see his stuff after he’s posted it for the web. Hey, he may even win $10,000 on AFV!
  • (Sharing “Wassup”) … Just as people started arriving, a small group of people in the kitchen just “catch up.” Joe says “Hey Wanda. What’ve you been up to?” Wanda replies. The catching up goes on around the circle with everyone else in the group.

OK, here’s where it gets interesting. How many different types of groups can you imagine at a cocktail party? If you can imagine it … make it happen! Take the next step and figure out how you can take that socializing idea to a global level and turn it into the next multi-billion dollar social networking web site! Want some examples? These are off the cuff (let’s stick with the party metaphor again);

  • A group of executive chefs is gathered around the fire sharing recipes. Since they’re all vegan, they’re all quite passionate and attentive to the input they get from their cohorts. or …
  • Hank and Betsy are both in the travel industry. They’ll spend hours talking together about the best travel packages they were able to put together for their clients. Since Hank specializes in trips to Hawaii, he’s got the 411 on the best local eateries. or…or…or

I could go on and on and on with examples. Hopefully you could too. The point of this long post is to show you the world of social networking on the web is NOT about the sites! … it’s about the people! Their needs, wants, desires, interests and passions. Fulfill those and you’ve got something big. Weave this idea into your own marketing and you’ve got something REALLY big!