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Getting “The Word” Out

June 6th, 2007 by Chief Nut

David Meerman Scott, author of my new favorite book on marketing, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, posts a story about Mark Batterson, a church leader in Washington D.C. If Mark can do these AMAZING marketing feats with his idea of what a church could/should be, then certainly every business owner can do the same with their own marketing.

Mikaela Cade MinistriesA new client of ours, Mikaela Cade, is a pastor in Italy. She’s about ready to go live (tomorrow if all goes well) with her new v.1 web site. Most people who build their first web site will create a handful of static pages and quit developing for a year, or more, because of how work intensive it is to create something great. They settle for the online brochure site. Not Mikaela. Her vision was to build a web presence with: a blog, an electronic newsletter, a shopping cart for her books and special reports, an automated online calendar for her webinars and live events, major PR plans, and LOTS of information about her mission and services … really, the works! Without even reading David’s book, she is demonstrating - like Mark Batterson - that getting “the word” out has gone virtual and the new rules of online marketing warrant more than serious consideration. Bravo Mikaela!

FYI, David has extended his offer of a free CD - Online News Releases to Reach Your Buyers Directly - if you purchase his book on Amazon by Friday! That’s a $50 freebie. If you’re a client of mine, PLEEEEEASE buy this book. It’ll give us LOTS to talk about and will support everything Allen and I have been preaching.

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