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I Predict You’ll Read This Post

November 5th, 2006 by Chief Nut

Here’s an article from a 1950s Popular Mechanics Magazine entitled “Miracles You’ll See In The Next Fifty Years“. Some creepy, spot-on predictions:

  • Shop by picture phone … a la the Internet
  • 8 second cooking … a la microwave ovens
  • Business people conducting videoconferencing …a la web cams
  • Computers able to accurately predict weather conditions
  • Synthetic antibiotics
  • Life expectancy of 85
  • Nuclear powered ships

However, there are some pretty bizarre predictions as well:

  • Dissipating Hurricanes by burning oil in the middle of the Atlantic
  • Wood, brick and stone not used in construction because it’s too expensive
  • Turning used underwear into candy

I have to wonder how I would fare in trying to accurately describe life in 2057. Typing into my “shop by picture phone” in November 2006, I just want to know where I can buy a $5000 house! They can keep the underwear candy.

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